Frequently asked questions FAQ

INFORMATION FOR FORWARDING: number of pallets on 1 pallet place – 45, number of pallet places – 33, total – 1485 pallets with the standard size of the lorry semitrailer.

Quarter-pallet dimensions: 600 x 400 [mm]

Plastic half-pallet dimensions: 800 x 600 [mm]

PALLET COVERS are often used to stabilize loads by securing their top layer.

PALLET TRANSMISSIONS are cheaper and more practical than boxes – when folded, they take up less space in transport and in the warehouse. We recommend using with our P18 plastic pallet.

The twice shorter service life of textolite compared to graphitamide is mainly due to the higher coefficient of friction of the textolite in the water environment, which causes:

  • accelerated abrasion of the acetabulum
  • work in higher temperature damaging the cotton carrier in the textolite
  • weakening of mechanical strength due to the action of water and oil, which leads to uneven wear, delamination and cracks.

In the case of graphitamide, on the other hand, increased temperature, water and oil improve its properties, especially its impact resistance. Water works very well with graphite to reduce friction and wear.

BECKER 320 retention and drainage tunnels with faceplates wrapped with filtration geotextile are intended for drainage and retention of rainwater collected from the roofs of buildings and paved surfaces such as terraces, parking lots, streets and roads. Rainwater is directed to filtering devices to separate mechanical impurities, and then through sewage pipes to tunnels wrapped with filter fleece in order to retain and drain water in the ground.

Siphon tanks are perfect for securing the substrate against leaks from barrels and containers.

Transporting or storing chemicals involves the risk of damaging the containers and causing leaks. Barrels or canisters placed directly on the ground may leak, and the liquids they contain – endanger the environment.

In order to avoid contamination that is difficult to neutralize, various methods of preventing their formation are used. This is done, among others, by sump tubs.