Light europallet without skids [P.2]


The export plastic openwork europallet P2 is a monolithic pallet, has vertical stoppers (SAFETY RIMS) on the edge to stabilize load.

P2 exported europallets with the possibility of stacking, have a hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene. They are made of recycled HDPE / LLDPE material – it is chemically and frost-resistant.

INFO FOR SPEDITORS: Pallets per stack – 45 pcs, number of stacks – 33, total 1485 pcs*
*Standard Truck

Dimensions and weight of the P2 plastic europallet

  • dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 143 mm,
  • weight: 5,5 kg,
  • color: black. 
  • surface:
    • B – rims.

Load limit for the P2 plastic europallet

P2 plastic pallets are very durable – permissible dynamic loads up to 800 kg, static loads on a flat surface up to 1500 kg. NOT SUITABLE FOR RACKS!

  • dynamic load up to 800 kg,
  • static load up to 1500 kg.

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