Nestable pallet for racking of up to 1200kg [P.15]


It has the PZH certificate for the food industry and has been registered as a Community design No. 006928891.

P15 plastic pallets are made of PP / PE packaging waste, and their structure is reinforced with 3 galvanized steel profiles.

The P15 plastic pallet is “SOCKET” (you can use a forklift) with posts of 30 pcs. At a height of 250 cm – which reduces the cost of transport by 30%. The P15 pallet does not have skids, which are usually necessary to carry heavy loads on the racks. Pallet operations on a pallet without runners are much easier, there is no risk of damaging them, which significantly reduces repair costs and increases work safety.

Dimensions and weight of the plastic pallet P15

  • dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 145 mm,
  • weight: 17 kg,
  • color: black,
  • surface:
    • G – smooth.

Load limit for P15 plastic pallet

  • rack: 1200kg,
  • dynamic: 1500kg,
  • static: 5000kg.

High strength, low weight and low price

P15 plastic pallets are low weight and low price for a durable plastic pallet!

The P15 plastic pallet model will serve for many years ago to the owner of a pallet pool, who, taking advantage of the possibility of building a pallet warehouse with little investment capital, will benefit from lower transport costs and 50% lower costs of replacing damaged pallets, the raw material of which is 100% used for the production of new p15 . An exporter choosing a p15 plastic pallet for his shipment does not have to take care of fumigation or annealing of the pallets and knows that his goods have been well protected for transport.

The P15 plastic pallet has no continuous skids

P15 plastic pallets do not have the continuous skids necessary for euro wooden pallets to carry large loads on the rack. Pallet operations on pallets without skids are much easier and there is no risk of damaging them – which significantly reduces repair costs and increases work safety.

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