Slide bearing (graphite composite)

Graphite composite in synthetic matrix reinforced with fibres exhibits a much lower coefficient of friction to steel (0,15) than textolite (0,3)

Panwie z grafitamidu (kompozytu grafitowego) do walcowni

Properties of the bushings for graphitamide rolling mills

Graphitamide has mechanical strength and impact strength higher than that of textolite, the ability to self-rub, damp vibrations and capture abrasive particles, it is self-lubricating, resistant to water, oil, gasoline and chemicals.

The high abrasion resistance of graphitamide has been achieved thanks to the reinforcement with graphite-lubricated fibers, which create a three-dimensional sliding structure that protects the matrix resin.

Service life of graphitamide rolling mills

The twice shorter service life of textolite compared to graphitamide is mainly due to the higher coefficient of friction of the textolite in the water environment, which causes:

  • accelerated abrasion of the acetabulum
  • work in higher temperature damaging the cotton carrier in the textolite
  • weakening of mechanical strength due to the action of water and oil, which leads to uneven wear, delamination and cracks.

In the case of graphitamide, on the other hand, increased temperature, water and oil improve its properties, especially its impact resistance. Water works very well with graphite to reduce friction and wear.

Savings when using graphitamide bushings

The savings resulting from the use of new generation bushings are easy to calculate by those who are forced to take production breaks and laboriously replace damaged textolite bushings each month. 

Test results for the determination of mechanical properties for graphitamide

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